The coronavirus and our assemblies

As of July 9, 2020, people are now required to wear face masks in indoor public spaces in Missoula County under a rule passed Thursday by the Missoula City-County Board of Health to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The rule is effective immediately and requires people ages 12 and older to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces. Public indoor spaces include but are not limited to retail stores, restaurants and bars, doctor offices, building lobbies and elevators, gyms and fitness services, gas stations, nonprofits, buses, and ride sharing services. Possible exemptions include people who are eating or drinking, or during strenuous physical activities when it might be impractical or unsafe.  Our discussions with the County Board of Health confirm that churches are indeed included in the rule.

While this is certainly not the way we had hoped everything would have turned out for our worship services, we feel strongly that it is our responsibility to comply with this directive.  Therefore, we are asking that all of you who attend our Sunday morning services take the steps necessary to wear a mask while you are in the building.  We have a few of the paper masks that we have made available in weeks past, and you can certainly use one of them if you do not have a mask of your own.

Romans 13 is very explicit in the call for us to be in obedience to our appropriate authorities.  While the wearing of masks is uncomfortable and may go against our individual wants and preferences, the county health board has the responsibility to look out for the best interests of our population as a whole.  Accordingly, we feel we must do our part to help them by abiding in their requests for taking proper precautions.

For those of you who might be uncomfortable in attending our worship services in person during this time period, please continue to tune into Rance's sermon via the internet as you have in the past.  These are easily accessed by going to and searching for “Missoula Church of Christ” or by clicking here. The week’s sermon is uploaded at 3am each Sunday morning. Additionally, you can watch them via our Facebook page:

Meanwhile, continue your prayers for our safety and protection during this time in our country.  It is a different and difficult time for us all, but we continue to take refuge in the knowledge that this is His plan, not ours.

The Elders

1528 S Higgins Ave

Missoula, MT 59801