Missoula CHurch of Christ discipleship classes

Children’s Classes:

Our kids’ classes are built around a curriculum of foundations. While we want to impart familiarity with the stories from the Bible, we are also teaching our kids an awareness of how to use their Bibles, pick out morals and lessons from the stories, and develop a love for the God who has worked His hand throughout all of history.

All of our kids’ classes will meet downstairs:


- Classroom: #2

- Ages 0-2


- Classroom: #3

- Ages: 3-5


- Classroom: #9

- Ages 6-8 (or school specific)

3rd – 5th

- Classroom: #8

- Ages: 9-11 (or school specific)

Jr. High and High School Classes (Grades 6-12):

Building on the stories and principles that we have learned in our children’s classes, we also recognize that the pre-teen and teen years can present both challenges and opportunities for followers of Christ. We want to meet life and faith head on and build the kind of faith that gives our kids the abundant joy that follows a life of discipleship. Students will meet in the upstairs long classroom.

Adult Classes:

Education isn’t just for the youth. Each stage of life is an opportunity for us to grow closer to Christ and to be further equipped to be disciples who glorify God in our communities. Are adult classes are meant to be thought provoking and engaging. Any question and all situations creep up on us in life, therefore no question or situation is off limits for us to bring up and see what the Scriptures say about it. We want to challenge ourselves to mature and to grow in our ability to spread the gospel to those we know without compromising our convictions.

Young Professionals

This is a class for young adults who have graduated high school and are establishing their faith in college or the professional workforce. We will pursue practices and studies that will mature our faith and build community through fellowship. We’re learning together what it means to for our generation to be faithful. We will meet in the main room upstairs.

Family Leaders

We welcome all couples who are newly married or thinking about marriage, parents with school age children, and single parents with small kids. Our families at home are our first mission field, and that starts with parents who have a faith that burns bright within them. We will all meet downstairs.


Dedication. Commitment. Wisdom. Guidance. Everyone is looking for someone in their life who is a stalwart in the faith. These qualities and more are what we seek to develop in us as disciples who now find ourselves as leaders in our homes, our neighborhoods, our jobs, and our churches. Everyone is welcome in this class no matter the age. This class will be a discussion-oriented class that meets in the auditorium. We will follow-up on the morning sermon to consider how to put our faith into everyday practice and be the examples people need us to be.